What filament diameter can be used ?

Both 1.75mm and 3mm are supported.

What electricity standards are supported?

We have both 110VAC and 220VAC models.

How long it takes to dry filament?

It is recommended to dry the filament for at least 8 hours before printing and continuing drying the filament while printing.

Can the desiccant pack in the filament package dry the filament?

Usually desiccant packs found in most filament packages can not “pull” the moisture out of a filament. It can only prevent the filament from absorbing more moisture by keeping the relative humidity low inside the package.

Why do the desiccant packs need to be dried?

If being exposed to the air for a while, a desiccant pack will become saturated with moisture and lose water-absorbing ability. They need to be dried from time to time. This process is called desiccant regeneration.

What types of 3D printers can be used with a PrintDry filament dryer?

It can be used with any type of printers, as long as the filament can be fed from outside the printer enclosure.

Should I also use a dehumidifier with the PrintDry filament dryer together?

It is highly recommended to use a dehumidifier or several dehumidifiers to keep the ambient humidity low in your printing room.

Where can I store my filaments after drying or printing?

Always store filaments into air-tight containers or re-sealable bags.  Better put some dry desiccants inside.

Can I dry desiccants with a PrintDry filament dryer?


What is the power consumption of a Printdry filament dryer?

About 245W.

What are dimensions and weight of a PrintDry filament dryer?

Approx. 37(L)x37(W)x36(H)cm and 3.8 Kg or 15x15x15″ and 9 lbs

Which country can you ship to?

We ship worldwide, but we reserve the right to decline orders from countries and territories which are not reachable by regular postal services. Please contact us for details.

What is the delivery time?

Five business days after purchased.

Product safety standards?

ETL and TUV/GS listed.

What about the warranty?

Standard 12-month warranty.

The internal temperature of a PrintDry unit is below 70C ?

Ambient temperature and internal airflow will affect the max internal temperature. If a PrintDry unit is loaded with one filament in the lower chamber and more filaments and desiccant packs in the upper chamber. The internal temperature will increase (hot air is more trapped inside).